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PKBW12.2.17Elesa ポケモンBWカミツレ

by いにゃ
Elesa avatar I drew (‘w`)/ you can see a bigger version on my blog here

Elesa avatar I drew (‘w`)/ you can see a bigger version on my blog here

helperchan asked: Hi~ I was just curious if you took submissions? I made an Elesa avatar that I wanted to share if you did. ^^; You can view it on my blog but the layout resized it sort of funny so you might have to click it to see a normal size. 'o'

We do take submissions! So I’m not entirely sure why the submit box was closed, it’s now open! Feel free to submit those awesome avatars!

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(via shringan)

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by っ。
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Anonymous asked: It's sad that there isn't any art where Elesa worships and licks Skyla's navel.

I’d never thought of that, but to be honest the lack of it is surprising! Maybe someone will draw some someday?


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